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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the fastest growing trend of online file access being used by businesses, organisations and companies worldwide. In fact, it has been forecasted to reach a market value of 15 billion pounds by 2015. It develops a virtual space or cloud of company data files and software, that can be used by anyone and anywhere you want. All you need really is the appropriate hardware that can be connected to the internet, whether it’s a computer, a notebook, an Apple Ipad, an Android phone,… you name it. Cloud computing providers usually charge you a small monthly fee and you are ready to go. Most of the companies who offer you cloud computing services are very flexible and allow you to choose a wide range of software or applications. The set up usually takes just a couple of hours and the client can immediately log in.

Reducing costs is the main reason why more and more businesses opt for a cloud computing platform. Yes indeed it reduces your costs because you don’t have to buy several expensive licenses for Microsoft Office anymore in order to let your employees work with Microsoft Word, Excel, Access or Powerpoint. Your IT staff doesn’t even have to update every software or drivers which sometimes may lead to server problems or even worse…a server crash! Note that Microsoft Office was just to give you an idea. Other examples of cc: if you run a design company, Adobe products are also available.

Based on its functionality, IBIzcybertech offers wide range of cloud computing services:

  • Saas (Software as a service)
  • Paas (Platform as a service)
  • (Infrastructure as a service)

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