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Professional Services

Ibizcybertech Professional Services provides our customers with resources that are dedicated to helping you deliver Ibizcybertech solutions that meet your business requirements. Ibiz boasts an excellent track record and an expert staff skilled in Ibiz technologies, contemporary development tools, and industry expertise. Ibiz delivers solutions based on Ibiz products so our team has developed established best practices that we provide to every customer in delivery of a Ibizcybertech solution.

What types of assistance can Ibizcybertech Professional Services offer?
Our consultants are experts in using Ibiz Capture and Ibizcybertech Capture Transformation Modules at the front end of sophisticated document management and workflow systems. Here's a sample of what we can do to assist you:

Implementation Services
Kofax Professional Services boasts an excellent track record and an expert staff skilled in Kofax technologies, contemporary development tools, and industry expertise. Our consultants and project managers are certified with CDIA+ and PMP designations, so you can be confident that our work is of highest quality.

Business Process Solutions
Professional Services has implemented several systems to process claim forms such as CMS 1500, UB92 and classification of medical records for both hospitals and healthcare service providers.

Ibizcybertech Professional Services has implemented several systems for processing mortgage applications. These systems not only scan and extract data from the mortgage documents but also automatically classify and separate documents without separator sheets thus reducing the labor intensive work dramatically.

Ibizcybertech Professional Services has implemented hundreds of invoice processing systems. These systems are designed to capture invoice information and as well as line item details from the paper invoices. Ibizcybertech Professional Services implemented such systems to communicate with other environments to ensure the accuracy and validity of the extracted data. Accuracy and Validity of this data depends on custom build business rules defined by clients and implemented by Ibiz Professional Services.

Several of Ibizcybertech clients rely on Sales order processing systems implemented by Ibiz Professional Services. These systems can automatically receive the orders from fax servers, extracts the order information and generate sales order numbers in connection with other systems such as SAP or Oracle. Ibizcybertech Professional Services also works with its clients to customize business rules with its feature rich Validation module such as validating fields, database lookups and single click entry.

Ibizcybertech Professional Services works with its clients and their suppliers to create optimum solutions for the data exchange and eliminate the paper where necessary. Ibizcybertech Professional Services can customize its solutions to create and/or generate EDI solutions between buyers and suppliers. These EDI solutions, Ibizcybertech e-Transactions, can be applied to Invoice Processing, Sales Order processing or any other document exchange

Standard Offerings
Ibizcybertech Professional Services has extensive experience and certified consultants and project managers for all data and document capture projects. Projects are managed and delivered based on functional design documents or time-and-material basis.

"Quality Assurance is one of the most popular ways for business excellence. I Biz Cybertech provides an expert process framework that improves business execution through modified productivity and diluted cycle times and helps to develop high quality products. The Quality Assurance section of I Biz Cybertech offers customers a perfect range of process improvement solutions that blankets the best of process models."
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