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Software Testing Services

I Biz Quality Services extend a tailor-made combination of conferring, outsourcing, offshore and specialist services across all types of quality management, testing and certification activity. These services are adjusted incisively to make perfectly sure that your necessitated business outcome meets time, cost and quality targets.

All our services are supported by the I Biz Cybertech Delivery Method. The method is supported globally with the ability to furnish inshore and offshore infrastructure and resources.

Backed by a committed team of proficient software testers, I Biz Cybertech an Offshore Quality Assurance Company provides a wide range of quality assurance services. Our offshore outsourcing services department backs up software for both small and large development projects. Our I Biz Cybertech Delivery Method involves evaluation of Software development process at each stage to assure the quality of the software product and processes involved.

We offer end-to-end customer-oriented testing services by applying traditional development processes as well as Agile. We successfully solve tasks of any complexity, from manual testing to different automation tools usage. It may be appropriate to say I Biz quality services are one of the best in the industry.

I Biz Cybertech offers a complete and comprehensive range of QA services that include Unit Testing, Performance Testing services and User Acceptance Testing. Our approach to software testing is based on industry best testing practices deployed in the product development life cycle.

Partnering with I Biz ensures you with :

• Increase efficiency in production and implementation

• Significantly minimize defects

• Dramatically improve software quality and

• Radically decrease costs across the entire project life cycle

Our areas of Expertise includes :

• Performance Testing

• Functionality Testing

• Compatibility Testing

• White Box Testing

• Security Testing

• Regression Testing

•Product Testing

"Quality Assurance is one of the most popular ways for business excellence. I Biz Cybertech provides an expert process framework that improves business execution through modified productivity and diluted cycle times and helps to develop high quality products. The Quality Assurance section of I Biz Cybertech offers customers a perfect range of process improvement solutions that blankets the best of process models."
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