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Network Support

We, at I Biz Cybertech, make a comfortable work environment by backing your IT environment at affordable costs. Functioning as your virtual IT staff, we can design/re-design and keep your IT base to be an extremely operational, authentic and stable resource.

We guarantee protection of your saved information from viruses, intrusions, hackers, spyware and spam for technology savvy business around the globe. Apart from the computer security solutions, I Biz also put up professional network planning, execution and technical support.

We offer secure distant access solutions to enterprise information to carry out business activities online and elaborate the business border outside physical access limitations. Our Secure Remote Access Solutions allow you with everything that you need to identify users with authority to sustain network rights, so you can:

1. Enhance efficiency by letting your remote human resources to firmly access information from anywhere when required. 2. Save time and money by firmly changing business activities to the web, avoiding time-consuming and costly manual treatment. 3. Better efficiency by permitting associates, clients, and suppliers to access the vital information FOR business.

The I Biz network support potentialities offer authority that all your IT network problems are a thing of the past. We wipe out the strain that commonly accompanies when settling network related issues, whether hardware or software based.

"Quality Assurance is one of the most popular ways for business excellence. I Biz Cybertech provides an expert process framework that improves business execution through modified productivity and diluted cycle times and helps to develop high quality products. The Quality Assurance section of I Biz Cybertech offers customers a perfect range of process improvement solutions that blankets the best of process models."
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